Aesop (fables 025-036)

aesop fables 25-36 audiobook


Aesop fables set 2

In this third set of Aesop’s Fables (nr. 025-036), performed & recorded in ancient Greek (reconstructed pronunciation ) are included the following, according to the alphabetical order of their Greek titles, as listed by Émile Chambry:

  • 025 – Fisherman & big and small Fish
  • 026 – Fisherman & Smelt
  • 027 – Fisherman hitting the Water
  • 028 – the bird Kingfisher
  • 029 – Foxes at river Meander
  • 030 – Fox with bloated Belly
  • 031 – Fox & Bramble Bush
  • 032 – Fox & Grapes
  • 033 – Fox & Snake
  • 034 – Fox & Wood-cutter
  • 035 – Fox & Crocodile
  • 036 – Fox & Dog

If you don’t already own the (original Greek) text in book form, you can follow it by clicking here. This is also the main text used for the recording, with some minor editing, when necessary for correcting obvious orthographical or other mistakes.
The audiobook is ±15 minutes long. Fables nr. 030 and 033 are presented below as a sample. You can also follow the presentations on my YouTube channel.
The downloadable free m4b-sample contains the same audio material, but is “bookmarkable” and smaller in MB’s. The audiobook comes in both mp3 and m4b formats.

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030 – Fox with bloated Belly «Ἀλώπηξ ἐξογκωθεῖσα τὴν γαστέρα»

λώπηξ λιμώττουσα, ὡς ἐθεάσατο ἔν τινι δρυὸς κοιλώματι ἄρτους καὶ κρέα ὑπό τινων ποιμένων καταλελειμμένα, ταῦτα εἰσελθοῦσα κατέφαγεν. Ἐξογκωθεῖσα δὲ τὴν γαστέρα, ἐπειδὴ οὐκ ἠδύνατο ἐξελθεῖν, ἐστέναζε καὶ ὠδύρετο. Ἑτέρα δὲ ἀλώπηξ τῇδε παριοῦσα, ὡς ἤκουσεν αὐτῆς τὸν στεναγμόν, προσελθοῦσα ἐπυνθάνετο τὴν αἰτίαν. Μαθοῦσα δὲ τὰ γεγενημένα ἔφη πρὸς αὐτήν: « Ἀλλὰ μένε τέως σὺ ἐνταῦθα, ἕως ἂν τοιαύτη γένῃ ὁποία οὖσα εἰσῆλθες, καὶ οὕτω ῥᾳδίως ἐξελεύσῃ. »
Ὁ λόγος δηλοῖ ὅτι τὰ χαλεπὰ τῶν πραγμάτων ὁ χρόνος διαλύει.

033 – Fox & Snake «Ἀλώπηξ καὶ Δράκων»

υκέα παρ᾽ ὁδὸν ἦν. Ἀλώπηξ δὲ θεασαμένη δράκοντα κοιμώμενον ἐζήλωσεν αὐτοῦ τὸ μῆκος· βουλομένη δὲ αὐτῷ ἐξισωθῆναι παραναπεσοῦσα ἐπειρᾶτο ἑαυτὴν ἐκτείνειν, μέχρις οὗ ὑπερβιαζομένη ἔλαθε ῥαγεῖσα.
Τοῦτο πάσχουσιν οἱ τοῖς κρείττοσιν ἀνθαμιλλώμενοι· θᾶττον γὰρ αὐτοὶ διαῤῥήγνυνται ἢ ἐκείνων ἐφικέσθαι δύνανται.

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