Poetics (Aristotle)

Poetics Aristotle

Poetics by Aristotle

This is Aristotle’s work “Poetics“, read & recorded in ancient Greek (reconstructed pronunciation). The audio book contains the complete extant work in its latest edition and has a duration of 1h 46′ 36″.

the “Poetics”

The Poetics of Aristotle is one of the most important and decisive works in the history of spiritual culture and the foundational text of the aesthetic theory.
It is the first work on the theory and criticism of Art, that is, the first on the subject of spiritual creation, mainly of literature and the only one we have from Greek classical antiquity.
Although for some reason incomplete, it’s recognizably one of the most influential works on and about human intellect, as it lies at the basis of Western cultural life.
The “Poetics” as we have it, isn’t a “normal” and “complete” book, but a compilation of Aristotle’s notes, maybe intended to be used as a memory aid during his classes at the Lyceum.
It initiates a new sector of knowledge, or a new kind of science, that of Aesthetics or art criticism, (be it poetry, drama or painting), and talks about the most universal and durable achievement of human thought.
In this way, the world is been extended and developed to a “fourth dimension”, that of the aesthetic phenomenon; the other three been the physical world of nature, the social world and the world of knowledge. This fourth world, been created more orderly, can be said to form the purpose of the world at large. “Poetics”, the Creation.


Though Aristotle doesn’t need an introduction, in case you’d like to refresh your knowledge about his life and work, you can read enough in published books, or online at websites like:
Encyclopedia Britannica, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Wikipedia, Biography.com,
or elsewhere.

The Poetics

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