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Podium-arts.com is there to organize or advise over events with artistic content, be it concerts, poetry performances, dance, theater, festivals, expositions or anything that can be understood as pertaining to the arts, alone or combined. In three words: ConceptCreationPerformance.

Podium-arts.com now initiates its audiobook productions with the progressive publication of Aesop’s fables, that at due time will be followed by the homeric “Iliad”, while in the meantime other important or beautiful works will be published, all recited in ancient Greek. Some modern Greek poetry is also to be produced. The recordings will be available in audiobook format, downloadable after purchase. These and upcoming productions can be acquired for listening through your computer or on any appropriate (also portable) audio player device or software.

The driver

… long active in classical music, now passed the traditional ‘mezzo del cammin’ and some 25+ years ago I got intrigued by the doubts concerning the pronunciation of ancient Greek and started gathering relevant information. Fascinated by many ancient texts and opinions of wise academics on the matter, I ventured fitting together the scattered pieces of knowledge. The result of this attempt, here presented, combines interest in the classics, a long professional involvement in music performance and creation, sound editing, and aesthetic considerations. When lacking information, I’ve allowed myself some artistic, albeit realistic freedom…
I live together with this , whose support is indispensable and some children, that have to sleep on time or witness .
Ioannis Stratakis
I enjoy playing the viola with the friends of the A.C.O. and our inspiring artistic leader Peter Santa.
I love cooking, reading and everything that helps me avoid sleep.
Traveling (inward or otherwise) happens spontaneously and attending lectures for nerds classicists, refreshes me, admiring all those incredible people who support knowledge, better known as scientists. Being an artist, I’m here to just *say* things.
When time allows, I deposit my musings at the wonderful ipernity of Southern France, or on the usual “social networks”.


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what they think I'm doing at night
For the time being the website is updated only in English. Thank you!
Our Ancient Greek publications and productions will first appear at our new website: AncientGreek.eu