Iliad A (excerpts of 16.Feb.15)


Reconstructing the Homeric Sound : “Iliad”, 1st Rhapsody

“Mitos” Cultural & Educational Society presented on Monday, February the 16th 2015 in the main Hall of Archaeological Society at Athens a staged reading of the 1st Rhapsody of Homer’s “Iliad”. The event was introduced by the President of the Archaeological Society of Athens, member of the Academy of Athens, Prof. Epameinondas Speliotopoulos.

For the first time in Greece the Homeric text came to life through the reconstruction of the metrical prosodic recitation of the dactylic hexameter. Experimental approaches in diverse universities in Greece and abroad have shown that the prosody of ancient speech determined the intonation and composed its metre. The way of articulating recited speech seems to have developed so that the performative dimension of the work is equally presented and complements in a supportive way its literary structuring.


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Through her modern and clean-cut aesthetic that characterizes her, Marianna Lampiri, undertaking the direction of the performance, transformed the prosody of homeric hexameter in a code that unlocks –irrationally the affective part of the viewer and transforms it into a fertile ground that will -rationally receive the poetic text as the carrier of content. Ioannis Stratakis has conceived the idea and after a decennia-long study of the testimonies of ancient grammarians presented, in collaboration with Iphigenia Speliotopoulou a clear version of homeric sound which aims to highlight epic poetry as a performative genre, for offering spiritual and psychic delight and not as a mere literary form solely used as moral and educational content. Dr. Chrestos Terzes, a leading researcher into ancient Hellenic music and instruments, has added short original melodies and three songs -performed live on his own reconstructed ancient Greek lyre- that in conjunction with the discreet use of the drum by Iphigenia, have contributed to the harmonic arrangement of the energies emanated by the different personages among the scenes. The costumes were designed by Ms. Ioanna Timotheadou, while light design was entrusted to Ms. Eleftheria Deko.


Reconstructing the Homeric Sound : “Iliad”, 1st Rhapsody
Monday February the 16th, 2015, at 18.00
Main Hall of the Archaeological Society at Athens
“MITOS” Cultural and Educational Society
contact person: Ms. Helen Bernardakis (mob: 69.7200.4755)