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‣ What are you selling?

I’m an artist. I sell human emotions. Things that give birth to sentiments, ideas, hypnotize or inspire people to action, passivity, admiration, regret, courage or a sense of freedom, of unbearable happiness and everything in between or beyond these; that it can be OK, that it can be better or worse.

Now, technology has progressed so much that you can buy all this through your computer. You have to allow subatomic particles (that are at the same time electromagnetic waves –what a schizophrenic universe!) to fly into the memory of your machine. (Yes, plastic, silicon and metal remember things, so give them kind memories; when they acquire feelings and moral judgement, you will shine in their grateful hearts for having been such an affectionate father, when they were powerless and unknowing of the ways of this world ). Through an invisible connection, somewhere under the , you tap a finger on and all the magic happens.

This and more in the form of an audio-book of sometimes over an hour, that you most probably are going to listen to again and again, costing you some small change. Isn’t it absurd? So, call your friends, have the tea, coffee, wine or juice and the cookies ready and enjoy your rather uncommon listening.

‣ What am I buying?

You are getting a digital product; an audio file in “mp3” and “m4b” format, containing a recording of either a work, or part thereof, or more works together, performed in reconstructed ancient Greek.

After purchase, you’ll receive a download link (on the webpage and via an email) leading to the file, which you’ll have to save on your computer, uncompress/unzip and from there use as is, or move to your audio-device.
Please note that file formats or other technical details may change; make sure you’re buying a product that is suitable for the intended use and device before purchasing.

On this website you’ll find a number of free on every work’s page, that you may download (in any offered formats) for trying-out on your audio-device. In this way you can judge the quality and style of the recordings and if they are playable on your machine before you buy.

‣ Which format do I need?

To keep download volume and time as short as possible, works will be offered in mp3 and m4b formats zipped together in one file.
The m4b format is lighter and better in sound quality and is also bookmarkable and chapterized, which means that software/devices can keep track of where you are in an audiobook so you don’t need to rewind or fast-forward the next time you want to continue listening. “Chapters” make navigation easy.

NB: I recommend you to download the m4b sample first and check its playability on your device. Here you can find information about software that can play m4b files; or search on internet. If your device cannot play m4b, the mp3 format should be fine.

NB: Sometimes mobile devices cannot automatically download files without a “download manager” application (available on the internet). Otherwise, just download with your computer and move the file to the mobile device.

If you absolutely need another format, please check availability by sending a message.

‣ Where can I listen to your audio?

Let me guess… in an airplane, bus, bed, car, living room, when waiting, strolling, reading, resting, on the balcony, forest or anytime and everywhere, provided that you’re using any electronic device that can play either mp3 or m4b audio files, like iPods, iPads, computers, mobile phones, mp3 players, tablets etc. and you have purchased, downloaded and moved this appropriate audio-format on it…
Download any or all of the samples from the of a work’s page and check it on your own audio-device, if it’s not

NB: Please, take care to download one format that works for you and not another that may not!
NB: Oh yes, samples are for free.

‣ What is this site all about?

It is a to the lack of a satisfactory performance of works in ancient Greek language. An effort to dispel confusion about the pronunciation and establish a point of reference for anyone interested. And this is only the beginning!

Many have tried to speak it themselves, many would love to, many wish or even pray they could get an idea of how this language sounded. I’m one of all of them… In the hope to find this out, I’ve decided to collect any information thereabout and give it a try; this took a respectable number of years. No, I haven’t found “that” millennia old tape-recording. I took any descriptions about the soundings, pronunciation, production or changes of that language available within my reach and tried to apply them. One thing had to remain clear throughout: this language, as most of them, is one spoken by… humans, even if they are all long gone.
Call it an experiment or a work of art. No sane person could call it something else, as long as “that” tape-recording has not yet been recovered…

This is what I came up with. My tape.

‣ What kind of works are you going to publish?

At this moment Homer’s “Iliad” and Aesop’s fables are in the production process. Work of many others, like Parmenides, Hesiod, Posidippus will be coming soon, released in a series if it’s lengthy.

There are going to be general categories of productions, like Epic, Philosophy, Science, Poetry, Various, Rhetoric… which will appear on the Productions-page and menu of this website, when relevant work is to be released. New publications, complete or partial, will always be visible on the homepage, which you can reach by clicking on the logo at the top of the website.

‣ How do I find what I’m looking for?

The easiest way to look for anything here is to use the on the upper right part of any page. It should work also with online language versions of the site.

‣ Where are the other parts of work x, y, z?

Such an unusual production is rather demanding. The lack of serious comparison material that could be taken into consideration, naturally, lengthens the whole process.

If part of a work is published, a next part will be normally coming within a month. Offering introductory video’s, explanatory or opinion texts can make this period longer.
Latest publications will appear on the homepage (by clicking on the logo).

‣ I want to buy that whole work now; is it possible?

, it is possible to pre-inscribe or sponsor, by sending a message. You can get an even lower total price (if you want that), than when buying the parts separately. Please state in your message that you wish to be charged the special total price for the whole work.
Of course, you’ll have to wait for the production (parts) to get finished, but by prepaying or sponsoring you’ll get them immediately on publication. By pre-inscribing you’ll get a personal notice of availability.

‣ Can I broadcast your work, or perform it in public?

If you want to make me , I suppose you’ll contact me first, no? Thus, no publication without my permission. Please use the contact form for related questions.

‣ What is your price-scheme?

To keep things simple, everything goes for a fixed price.
If you buy all the parts of a single work at once, the price will be even lower than buying separately. But as of today this is not yet the case. Until a complete work is published you can either pre-inscribe, sponsor or .

‣ Any “happy hours”, coupons or other promotions?


be & make  Happy
‣ Amazing! would you like to perform live at our home, place, venue, event?

I’d love to, but I need an early notice for possible open dates, especially when it’s .

‣ Can I buy your work as a gift for someone else?

They’ll love you for this. You can do so at our store page, by filling in your data in the “Purchaser Information” and the data of the recipient at the “Gift Recipient Information” section, so they can download their new gift. You shall get an email with the details of purchase, while the recipient will receive the download links. You can buy a gift by clicking the proper at the lower half of a work’s page.

‣ I love what you do, can I sponsor you?

Sure! you, people or organizations that appreciate the huge work behind this venture are very welcome to discuss the .

‣ I’m preparing a theater/film/radio/music production, how can I reach you?

Well, that’s why there’s a contact form on the website…

‣ I’d love to recite myself, but don’t know how. Can you explain me the ins & outs?

When the first complete works have been published, there might be a set of tutorials (maybe video) for those eager to learn the main points. For deeper and detailed work, personalized coaching is possible. Later, time allowing, I’d like to develop a more .

‣ Our school would like to use your work. What are the conditions?

There are possibilities for using my work for educational purposes. Please contact me and I’ll be pleased to make arrangements.

‣ Would you consider charity?

Because after many trials braille really and because for many of us artistic effort is much more than entertainment alone, just give me a call.

‣ Well, you’ve persuaded me. I want to buy.

You not only have good taste, you’re wise as well! Thanks for clicking the button :-)
It’s going to be an exciting day; find a work that interests you, click and enjoy!

‣ Can I give/sell a copy to my friends?

If you want to share something, share your ideas, your impressions, your feelings about the work, not the file… I’ve worked hard and you’ve paid your share… It’s not allowed to sell it or give it for free to anybody and for any reason. I keep the price low and would allow for a free retrieval-download if something goes wrong, without making our lives difficult with codes or serial numbers.
The files, though, are presonalized, so will trace the first buyer and… will love to listen to stories when exercising his art

‣ I accidentally deleted my file, now what?

When you buy, you have a life-long right for totally 4 downloads. This shall normally happen via our Store on a web-address including “sites.fastspring.com/podiumarts”; remember? that’s where you purchased the work.
YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR PURCHASE DATA FOR THIS! and send them to Podium-Arts.com on request.

‣ I don’t like your product, can I have a refund?

I’m sorry but it’s not possible.
Refunds cost much more than the product and a buyer is given enough opportunity to the product by listening to the beforehand. So, no refunds.

In case of a fraudulent purchase, like stole your credit-card, the matter is handled by fastspring.com and your bank or credit-card issuing company. If your claim is found OK by them, you’ll get your money back as quickly as they use to do in such cases.

‣ I love Aesop, Homer, heros, gods… but this? this… sounds Greek to me.

Well dear, this is what it’s supposed to be!

‣ Are you crazy?

It’s all relative… but you know, people get used to the .

‣ I don’t like what you do.

Please, don’t use the contact form and don’t buy any of my work. There’s in a lifetime.

TIP: give it a try when you’re on holidays

‣ You seem a very interesting person, will you marry me?

Ask my girlfriend, I think she may consider a deal when she’s fed up with me around, …or get some fresh air.

‣ What do you think about the state of the world?

Listen to the “Iliad”, you may understand what people are doing to each other…

‣ This sounds different than how they speak in Greece!

You’ve got it right! It’s because I’m reading what’s in the surviving ancient texts in a reconstructed ancient Greek pronunciation. Contemporary colloquial Greek differs obviously from this.
E.g. many letters and diphthongs are read differently. Today many Greeks seem to believe that their language has always been pronounced like how they do and consider any attempts to reconstruct ancient Greek as “foreign”, “strange”, “wrong”, “impossible”, “laughable” and other subtleties… It is clear that they’re not so well informed on the matter. One can find enough traces of the ancient pronunciation even today, while at this point of its history, the language doesn’t show an exact correspondence of written and spoken elements as it used to be. But anyhow, let’s see if your language will sound the same after 3.000 years… :-)

‣ Tell me about your website…

The website is built on a theme of the talented and client friendly people at CssIgniter. The beautiful fonts used (Aroania, Alexander, Alfios) are designed by George Douros to whom I’m grateful for his complete set and hard work, which he even offers for free.
For all the rest, I thank the main sponsor, .

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