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  CURRENT : “FABLES” of Aesop, Orpheus “Hymns”


Aesop is one of the most read, listened to, acted, translated, adapted, retold, loved and appreciated story-tellers the world has known.
Already since ancient times he became well known for his ingenious fables, which in a compact and simple way contain all kinds of instructions, behaviours, characterizations, everyday morality and a lot of wisdom. The question if he has ever existed -as it is with almost all exemplary figures of times bygone- is irrelevant and maybe unimportant, since what is left behind talks of itself. Like myths do, this kind of compositions don’t try to prove but to demonstrate…

This audio-production will present as many of the traditional fables as possible, in alphabetical order of the titles. The latest released sets can be found here

Orphic Hymns

At the moment I’ve being working on and recording the 87 Hymns and introduction to Mousaeus, attributed to the cult-hero Orpheus. They have most probably been used at the performance of Orphic rituals.

  UPCOMING : “1st Olympian Ode” of Pindar “ILIAD” of Homer

1st Olympian Ode (Pindar)

The “Iliad” of Homer

The founding monument of Greek and Western culture. Conceived by Homer, presently approaching the venerable age of some 3.000 years and as current as ever.
This “guide to everything”, a paramount artistic achievement for mankind, has shaped our material, social and spiritual world vision.

The 1st rhapsody, when available for purchase, initiates the gradual release of the integral “Iliad”. Audio samples and short video introductions will accompany the publication of each section.

Homer’s vitality of presentation and beauty in poetic excellence, shows attitudes and characters, speaks through kings, winners and losers, friends, the hostage, the rude, the noble, a soothsaying… horse! We relive in masterly plot, conflict of gods and nations, the struggle between Will and Emotion, Duty and Personal Interest, the consequences of Promise and Destiny, the Earthly and the Heavenly reflected in our every word, action and feeling; it is resistance and acceptance, expectation growing towards the momentous end of any kind of war, remembering its deep lessons of pain and glory, the meanness and greatness, the scars on the face of any death: destroying, expiating, purifying.

Though it came down to us in written form, Greek epic poetry is created for the “ear”. This poetic performance, aims to increase enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the masterpiece, rendering today’s most faithful presentation of the beautiful, multi-coloured sound of the original ancient Greek language, overcoming thousands of silent years. It is based on surviving ancient testimony, peppered with an occasional artistic license and the passion of the great work.

  PLANNED : Orphic Hymns, Posidippus, Hesiod



Not as widely known as Homer or Aesop, Posidippus’ work is very charming and compact in form. An adventurously discovered papyrus listing more than 100 of his poems has recently been studied and published, offering a chance to enjoy more of Posidippus’ work, than what was sparsely available in anthologies. He is classified as an “Hellenistic” poet.


The work of Hesiod can be stylistically compared to that of Homer and is recognized as fundamental to the understanding of ancient Greek theology, but also everyday working life and a first attempt for a clear moral system, reflected in direct advice or presentation of gods, heroes or people worthy to be remembered.

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